Why your willpower doesn’t matter

Does this sound familiar? You decide you’re ready to make a change, you’ve had it! So you choose a plan, you decide to change the way you’re eating and moving. You clean out your cupboards, start meal prepping, cut out alcohol and start working out daily. The first two weeks are great, you feel awesome, energized and start seeing results. Then something unexpected comes up–a trip, an illness, a busy season at work and you start to slip. It’s not all at once, but fast forward another two weeks and your plan has completely gone out the window. What happened? You were motivated, you wanted it, you could see the new you, what changed?

The problem is your path to a new you was based on your willpower. You thought if you could just white-knuckle it that you could make the change. The problem was that your changes weren’t based on habits. True success lies in first changing your mindset, then building small habits over a long period of time. Our belief in who we are is far more important than our willpower. If we believe we are healthy we make decisions that a healthy person would make, we eat more vegetables, drink more water and move our body regularly. Setting our mindset on who we want to be and then deciding what habits we need to implement based on who we want to be ensures success far longer than our willpower. Habits take time to develop, but focusing on consistently trying to get 1% better everyday compounds overtime.

So how do you start? Start by writing down who you want to be in 6 months. Then write down the habits you need to create to get there. Choose one habit to implement today. It could be as small as drinking a glass of water when you wake up. Do that for 7 days, if you can do it consistently, then add in another habit from your list. Focus on adding one small thing at a time and celebrate the success of consistency!

If you need support getting started we’re here to help! You can book a consultation with one of our coaches at the link below to create a customized plan based on your goals!