Don’t Overcomplicate It

I’ll be honest with you, for all the fitness and nutrition knowledge I have, the real secret is just relentlessly pursuing the basics.  

I could write the most complicated, intricate program that would absolutely be perfect for you and your goals.

I could spend a few weeks with you, an InBody, a continuous glucose monitor and a phlebotomist and we could dial in exactly what you should eat and when you should eat.  

But, two things:

  1. 99.9% of people don’t need anything like that to achieve what they’re after.
  2. If you don’t do it exactly as I say, then it’s all just been a waste of time and effort.

On the contrary, if I just told you to go walk everyday for 60 minutes and ensure that every single time you ate, you ate mostly protein and vegetables, I guarantee that you’d spend the rest of your days with better fitness, health and wellness than 95% of the population.  

Perhaps your bar is higher.  That’s cool too.  But the continuum just shifts a little. Instead of walking everyday, it’s going to the gym everyday.   

What’s the point?  Am I saying that all the stuff we do at the gym is for nothing?

Heck no.

I’m saying that I think most people get really overwhelmed trying to find the answer, when there’s actually an infinite combination of answers, and that the real answer comes from within.

It’s more important to consistently check the exercise and nutrition box every day than it is to be perfect a couple of days a week (or not at all).

What that means is that it boils down to you sorting out your habits and behaviors in order to make these things a priority rather than trying to find the “right” thing.

That also could mean that you haven’t found the right thing for you yet.  When you realize that it’s not what you do, it’s just doing it on a frequent basis, it opens up a world of possibilities.  

There are so many ways to exercise these days, I guarantee there’s something out there for you, you might just not have found it yet.  

But don’t stop looking.

Need help, want to be told what to do and want a supportive community around you, let us know, we can help.