You’re Going to Run Out of Health Before You Run Out of Money…

You’re Going to Run Out of Health Before You Run Out of Money…

The host of a podcast I listen to loves to remind the listener of this statement uttered by his dying friend.  While you can certainly shoot holes in the theory, it certainly will ring true for most of us. I’m sure you’ve had friends, family members, and loved ones pass on or find tragedy way too soon in life.  

Kinda depressing in one hand, but really, really empowering in another.Depending on which way you look at it, it can mean:

#YOLO!!!  I mean right??? Take that trip you dream of, ditch work to go fishing, buy the most expensive thing on the menu once in a while.  While moderation is key to success in most things, moderation also makes branching out to the extreme even more appealing. So, while it might not suit you to quit your job and become a trout bum, it might make your life a lot more gratifying if you could become a trout bum for a few weeks out of the year instead of waiting till you retire.  Yeah, yeah, work’s busy right now. Maybe next year. Or the next. Or the next…

Take control of your health! 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already doing a lot towards that end.  Fitness and nutrition are the keys to vitality in your later years. But what aren’t you doing that you could be?  A lot of us hem and haw about the price of organic, or the added expense of seeing a Physical Therapist, Chiropractor or Massage Therapist about our aches and pains, or how hard it is to get 8 hours of sleep a day.  Yeah, those things are kinda true, but in the long run, what if that’s the difference between living a long, healthy, active life and not? Where do your values lie?

Reevaluate your perspective on finances.  Too often we seek more, more and more. Yet, at a certain income level, it’s been proven that happiness doesn’t increase with more income.  Let’s face it, many people fall into the trap of, “if I were only making “x”, my problems would be solved and I could relax a little.” Sure enough, that number comes and goes, and the relaxation never does.  Try and recognize that worshiping that dollar is a never-ending battle. We’re all incredibly fortunate to have running water, easy access to food, shelter, etc. After that, it’s all just stuff. Stuff doesn’t control your emotions.  You control your emotions.

Pass these lessons on to your kids and loved ones.  Lead by example. Live a full life and don’t regret not doing things you want to when you have the chance.  


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