CFSP Member Spotlight: Erika McCall

1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?


I had this friend who loved CrossFit. I would hear her talk about this gym that offered classes that actually made you want to workout. She would post things on social media about the great workouts, the great people and how she actually looked forward to going to the gym. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. Who actually loves the gym???? But I knew I needed to do something. I was quickly approaching something called “middle age” and I had tried most of the local gyms, enrolled in all sorts of classes, paid for personal trainers and even invested in those crazy expensive “at home” workouts. I’d stay with something for a few months and then I’d get bored, lose interest and revert back to not doing much in the way of physical activity. As a busy mom, wife, hobby farmer, and wanna-be cowgirl who also has a hectic professional life, I figured it was only an hour a day, what could be the worst that would happen??? So I asked my friend about it and decided to go with her one day to check it out.


2. What was your first impression? Has that changed?

Honestly, when I first walked into CrossFit Sandpoint I thought, “yep, just as expected. This isn’t for me” but, thanks to my friend telling me to just give it a try, I was willing to give it a shot for a few months. I signed up in May 2017 and have a very distinct memory of meeting Kenny, telling him about an important event I had coming up that August and after that, he’d probably never see me again. Fast forward to nearly a year later and here I am. Still a regular fixture in one of the afternoon classes. So, yes. My first impression has definitely changed. I thought CrossFit was just another gym that offered the same boring classes with the same people in the same sweaty environment. But I’m happy to report, I was very wrong! As cliche as this sounds, CrossFit really is different. The people are different. The coaches are different. It’s a world away from other gyms in that the approach makes you want to be better and to do better. I show up every day knowing my only competition is myself and that I can work as hard (or not) as I want. I know there will be people there to cheer me on. I know the coaches will help me figure out ways to make the workouts fit my ability, and, most importantly, I know I’ll walk out feeling like I’ve just conquered another killer workout. That’s what keeps me coming back, the feeling of accomplishment.


3. What was your first success?

This is a hard question because I’ve had SO many. When you come from a place where physical activity was so inconsistent for so long, the thought of working out every day is very foreign. My first success was really just showing up. I remember when I dreaded going to the gym and now I dread the days when I have to miss a workout. That’s huge for me. I’m still shocked when I find myself in a genuine conversation about loving the gym. I’ve also had some significant physical successes. I’ve actually managed to run around the block without dying, although it’s still not my favorite activity. I remember the day I jumped (with both feet) from the ground onto a box. People cheered! It was great. I remember starting out on the rowing machine with a pace closer to 3 minutes/500, now I’m sad if it’s not under 2 minutes for the first 250. And then one day, something crazy happened. I discovered that I can do consecutive double-unders!!!!! Who am I and what happened to me??? CrossFit happened. And I am so grateful.  


4. What are you working on now?

Can I say everything??? Ok, maybe not everything, but I still have so many goals and areas where I want to improve. My squats have always been a source of frustration for me. My mobility just doesn’t allow me to achieve a very deep squat, so I’d love to see that improve. I’m also hoping to increase my “tolerance” for running. I’m not a runner and I know it will never be something that I love, but I’m hoping to one day tolerate the idea. Also, by the end of summer, I’m hoping to master the handstand. These are all things I’ve seen improvements in the last year and are all things I know I can accomplish. What’s funny is that last year at this time, the idea of standing on my hands would’ve been ridiculous. Now it’s my goal.


5. What’s your favorite CrossFit Sandpoint memory?

I must say, most of my favorite memories of CrossFit involve the people. I remember one specifically grueling workout involving the bear crawl and burpees that felt never-ending, yet everyone was still cheering each other on, encouraging others to keep pushing to the end. I honestly think that’s my favorite part; knowing it’s hard but you will finish and everyone there is rooting for you. The workouts create a sense that you’re all in it together, even if it involves burpees.