CrossFit Sandpoint Member Profile Jake Humble

Jake crushing a bar Muscle-Up!

Jake crushing a bar Muscle-Up!

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

I had recently moved to Sandpoint and had been doing some Insanity in the basement of my office building.  I wanted to get back into some weights but I knew I didn’t want to mill around the gym doing 20 minutes of cardio and then jumping on some machines for another hour, all while making sure I kept good gym etiquette. I cant remember who told me about the local CrossFit but I remember someone said “yeah, there’s a place over by the police station I bet you’d like.”  

What was your first impression? Has that changed?

I had been to a CrossFit in Lexington and I enjoyed the workout, it was just come in, look at the board, and work out on your own so I thought, “ok, its got to be similar to that”. 

I was initially annoyed with the idea that I had to work out with a group and that there were specific times you had to be there.  It wasn’t long before I realized the group workouts where exactly what I needed.  I have always been fairly strong in weight lifting so I likely had some inner cockiness at the start.  I was quickly humbled by burpees, high thrusters, running and longer endurance workouts that left me either puking or very close to it. It was the group that got me through.

I was also surprised by the overall variety of people who chose CrossFit as an avenue to fitness.  With all ages, shapes, and personality types coming together to push as hard as you can towards the common goal of fitness.  CrossFit ends up being the great equalizer with all of us leaving it all on the table each time, being encouraged by your group, and coming out the end feeling like hell and also spectacular for having completed the challenge!  I have never come out of any gym looking forward to telling others what I did that day, how crazy and awesome the workout was, and just being proud for having pushed so hard. I never had someone tell me they had a badass elliptical experience or the leg curl machine just kicked their ass….

What was your first success?

In terms of over movements, linking toes to bar and being able to complete sets of 10 on a regular basis.  In terms of weightlifting, I feel I have matured to the space where I’m more worried about getting a good workout in, doing higher reps and less weight in order to keep good form.  Being mature enough to listen to my body more.

What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on better pacing in longer workouts and overall endurance.  Diet is a big one that needs constant work.  I have tried to maintain clean eating and have had huge success with that however have only been quasi-committed to the lifestyle.  Realizing that diet is a huge part of the equation for overall fitness and being able to remember that when there is a giant piece of cake being offered to me. My current goal is at least 3 workouts per week and once I am back to being consistent with that there being able to add the 4th then 5th day consistently would be a big accomplishment for me.

What’s your favorite CrossFit Sandpoint memory?

I have had a lot of days where I left feeling gratitude for the coaches we have, for their dedication to getting it right. The idea that this place isn’t just about getting bodies to sign up, pay the fee, and hopefully never show up.  Several times I wanted to quit a workout, literally, and at just the right moment a voice beside me gives a word or encouragement.  One specific time I actually told Dan I was going to quit an open workout and he was like “F-u no your not!”

Thanks for letting me share. I feel blessed to be part of this place and thanks to all for the encouragement along the way…