(re)Introducing Leveled Programming!

Announcing the (re)Introduction of Leveled Programming (experiment)*!

As this gym and its community has grown, it has become more and more apparent that although the basic fundamentals of CrossFit (Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in order to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains) hold true for everyone, there is a growing separation between some distinct groups.  There are those here for general well-being, body composition and health, and there are those here for competition and sport.  

With that in mind, we are reintroducing leveled programming starting June 1st. These levels will be performed in the same class, with the same group that you are used to.  They will be run in conjunction with one another, with the intent to be to give both populations the best programming for their needs.  The intent is definitely not to segregate or separate people based on who is better or worse.  

In other words, you don’t need to do or think about anything different.    Keep going to your regularly scheduled class and time and consult with a coach if you aren’t sure which group you fit in.  On that note, if a coach asks you to stay in the Function programming for the day, don’t be mad.  You’re paying us to coach you and make you a better athlete, not to stroke your ego**. 

**We offer an ego stroking 10-pack for $100 if you’re interested.  Each use includes but is not limited to:

  • us telling you:
    –   that you definitely squatted that new 1RM way below parallel even though most people would consider it a push press.
    • no one actually gets their chin over the bar on all of their pull-ups
    • you should definitely do the RX weight even though it’s actually your 1RM.
    • the time cap is just Kenny being an asshole as usual, no one can actually finish that workout in that time
    • the middle aged female that keeps crushing you at workouts with double the weight you’re using is definitely on enough steroids to make Lance Armstrong concerned


Ok, back to serious-ness, as far as programming descriptions and examples go, here you are:


The goals of the Function athlete are just that, to function better in their daily lives.  They are interested in a better body composition, better strength, more energy, decreased risk of injury, increased flexibility and longevity.  They generally seek more practice in the fundamental movements of squatting, lunging, bending, pressing and pulling.  Their daily workouts will include many variations of these basic functional movements.  These movements are able to be scaled to a level that anyone can participate and progress confidently.  Their goals are to perform perfect repetitions, gradually increase strength, increase aerobic capacity and feel better in general.  This group is where those just beginning their CrossFit journey should start, but this group is not only for beginners.  

“I am looking to get in the best shape of my life, have great energy when I get out of bed in the morning and shock my friends with my appearance every time I go to the beach.”


A.  3 Sets of:

    – Romanian Deadlift x 8 @ 2111

    – rest :60

    – Single Arm KB Shoulder Press x 8/arm @ 1112

    – rest :60

    – Plank Hold x :60

    – rest :60

B.  AMRAP 10 Minutes

    – Run 250m

    – 15 Wall Ball

    – 15 Burpee


The goals of the Performance athlete are to perform better in the sport of CrossFit.  They are looking to reach higher and potentially max out their genetic potential by pushing themselves further and further on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis in order to compete with themselves and others.  They will be working with more speed and skill in more complex movements.  However, they should be forewarned that this push does come with a few associated costs.  Moving more weight at a higher rate of speed can significantly increase the likelihood of injury if the athlete is not careful.  The Performance athlete is aware that trying to work at a high rate of effort all of the time can and will take away from performance in other areas of life.  They will need more sleep, more and better food, recovery and rehabilitation practices as well as much more dedication to their sport.  They will be expected to have a reasonable mastery of the basics, a full range of motion, and some basic knowledge of Olympic weightlifting movements.  They will also be expected to know their numbers (maxes, times, etc) and should be keeping a workout log.

“I have been doing CrossFit for a year or so.  Before that I played high school and/or college sports, and would consider myself a lifelong athlete.  I am used to waking up with odd aches and pains, and feel that my athleticism defines who I am.  I (would) love to compete locally or in the CrossFit Open this year.”  


A.  Every 3 Minutes for 15 Minutes: 

    – Hang Clean x 1 @ 70-80% of 1RM Clean

B.  AMRAP 10 Minutes

    – 50 Double Unders

    – 15 Wall Balls

    – 15 Burpees

So, it’s not so different that it’s going to be chaotic, but we will need your help to pay attention when we are going over the day’s assigned work.  

Please email or post questions to the Facebook comments where this post is linked.***

** I reserve the right to go back to the regular, one program fits all that we’re doing currently if this turns into a total clusterf*ck.

*** Unless you are asking what a Hang Clean is.