What the Hell Are We Doing Now?

A lot of you have been asking me about the lack of Olympic style weightlifting, reintroduction of deadlifts, and the reason for the longer WODs in our programming recently.  Rather than answer everyone individually, I think it’s high time for a “What the hell are we doing and why?” column.  

Though most of our members are only slightly interested in the CrossFit Games Open competition, our “season” will be generally structured around that 5 week event occuring every March.  This allows us periods of time and phases throughout the year to work on certain lifts, weaknesses, skills, deficiencies, and have a general plan.  

Currently, and for the next few months, we will be working on going back to the basics to address movement deficiencies, imbalances, and build absolute strength.  This means that we can and will include be working on things like back and front squats, lunges of all kinds, deadlifts, strict presses, planks.  The lifts will be “slower” (not explosive like the Olympic lifts) and include lots of work in the negative (lowering) part of the lift.  Gymnastic movements will generally be strict in nature with less kipping and more emphasis on the strength of the movement. 

Everyone needs work on the basics, and this is a great time to practice the fundamentals, get your mobility in order, shore up your weaknesses and get ready for the rest of the year.


On the conditioning end, we will working on developing an aerobic base to build on, which means we will be doing less of those “I think I’m going to puke” style intervals and more long(ish) workouts. The skills required for these WODs will be lower, removing barriers for overall work.  I will try and explain the intent of each workout in the beginning of each class and before the workout so you can have an accurate plan in place.  

If you miss Olympic Weightlifting so much that you can hardly bear it, the Weightlifting Club will be starting another cycle at the beginning of next month.  Come talk to me for more information.