Start Fresh

Almost everything I’ve talked about for the last 2 months has been, “yeah, it’s November/December, I know it’s tempting to kick the gym can down the road, but you’ll be way happier and more successful if you just start now.”

But let’s be honest, even if you did start or maintain, it probably hasn’t been ideal.  

With travel, temptation and more, it’s easy for the last months of the year to go down as average at best.  

The good news, and it’s a major cliche, is that January is typically a fresh start.  It’s a wide open road, with way fewer obligations and temptations.  And most people are on that road as well.  

So if you haven’t yet begun your new routine, now is the time.  

What kind of person do you want to be next January?

What kind of momentum do you want to be building off next time we have this little one sided conversation?

What does that mean today and tomorrow need to look like?

What’s the first step to making that happen?

Pick up the phone and send a text or email to whatever force is going to help hold you accountable over the next year.

Make the appointment.  Harass your workout partner.  Wrangle your spouse.  

Whatever the heck it is, just do it now.