Find Your People

I just spent 3 days with 700 of mine.

When you recognize a desire, find the people who represent what you want in that desire and they will show you the path to what you seek.

My desire is to continue to represent the obvious solution to where someone would turn when they want to have the fitness to do all that they want, to live as long as they want, and to be as confident as they want during their lifetime.

This requires a lot of work, thought and training.

However, support is the thing that this requires most of all.

Support from the people ahead of me, who are doing it better and who can help show me the way.

They get to hear what I want to do and say, “here’s all the ways I screwed that up. Save yourself a ton of time and resources. Do it like this.”

They get to listen to my problems and say, “hey, I know you’re frustrated. Don’t worry, I was too. Here’s how to solve that.”

They get to commiserate when my heart is heavy and they say, “yeah, I get it. I know exactly how it felt when that happened to me. It gets better, I promise.”

I feel inspired, energized and excited.

These people get “it”!

It thrills me to be able to say that I’m also able to do the same for others, who may be earlier on in their journeys.

Seeing their eyes light up, their hearts get less heavy, and seeing them move further along in their path is usually even more fun to experience than my own success.

We laugh, we learn, we push each other.

My people are gym owners and fitness professionals. I found Two-Brain Business to help me connect to them.

Your people are probably different than mine, but the idea is incredibly generic.

All of those points listed above could be represented by an infinite number of groups and goals.

Whatever you want, you can find a group of people who are doing it, who can support you and who can show you how.

I don’t know where I’d be without having found mine.

Go find yours.

And if you want to have the fitness to do all that you want, to live as long as you want, and to be as confident as you want during your lifetime, and you don’t have a group of people you can rely on, I have a wonderful group of people you can.