CrossFit Sandpoint Member Profile: Rick Evans

If you were to ask any one of our members to list their favorite things about CrossFit Sandpoint, undoubtedly, one of the things on that list would be “The Community”.

In an effort to bolster that Community, and to introduce members to other members who they might not meet (6am’ers might not know the Nooners, and vice versa), we’ll be doing a series of Member Story Mondays. 

First up, a guy that’s been with us for almost 4 years, who is continuing to improve and do things at 45 that most people would have said were impossible at any age, Rick Evans. 

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

My sister in Tampa had recently started CrossFit and was really excited about it. I was working out in the standard gym on my own, in good shape and pushing myself fairly hard. But CrossFit seemed like a way for me to further challenge myself and to potentially step up my game athletically. I liked the idea of having everything programmed for me as well, and the competitive opportunity to see how I compared to others in workouts.

What was your first impression? Has that changed?

My first impressions were definitely good. I was excited for the newness of this, a great bunch of people. I saw right away that CrossFit would bring my weaknesses into the light and make me a better athlete all around. I realized I had mobility issues and how important a mobility and proper movement focus would be to my improvement. I was excited about the prospect of learning new skills and just getting better all around. My impression hasn’t changed much, but I have a deeper appreciation for the community aspect and how CF brings so much self-worth and confidence to people of all skill levels. I love how there is a place for all levels, and how we support one another to be our individual best.  One change in perspective is that its more about being MY best, versus competing against everyone else.

What was your first success?

Early successes I recall are just getting better at movements like the snatch and overhead squat. When I started I probably could not even get into a full snatch position with a PVC pipe, due to shoulder and hip mobility limitations. My first muscle-up is definitely memorable. My first strict muscle-up was probably my most exciting day, along with getting through 10 bar muscle-ups in a workout.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on having a positive, self-supportive attitude around my workouts…appreciating what I can do, and how hard I push, that I’m still improving, as I’m about to turn 45. Specifically I’ve been working on improving my muscle-ups, working hard on the strict. I’m back into focusing on Olympic lifts and getting to be a better CrossFit athlete in general. As we get into the summer months my focus is also on using CF to get myself in peak shape for obstacle course racing, something I just discovered and that I’m pretty darn good at.

What’s your favorite CrossFit Sandpoint memory?

Man, what comes up for me as far as a favorite CrossFit memory happened last week. Watching my 8 yr old son Trace during the CrossFit Kids class. All the kids were watching, along with parents in the background, as he just crushed it on the Tarzan rope swing game. Seeing the pride in him as he swung all the way across and back, rope to rope. The kids program has helped grow his confidence, and nothing makes me happier. So right now I’m just loving watching him and the other kids during these classes. So cool to share what I love with my son!