Fishing and Fat Loss: The Roads to Success aren’t all that different

Steelhead are Rainbow Trout that are born in a river, migrate out to the ocean from thousands of miles away, swim back up the same river, then back out to the ocean and return. They continue this process until they die from the exhaustion of spawning, are killed or caught.


Catching a steelhead can feel damn near impossible. They call them the fish of a thousand casts.


They’re not dumb, they could be in thousands of miles of a river system, and happen to run up these river systems during the coldest parts of winter.


Thousands of fisherman try and catch them annually to no avail.


Even the most seasoned angler will spend weeks on end trying to touch just one of them.


I am one of those anglers.


With a handful of friends, who are just as impassioned and dedicated as I am, head down every winter to try and catch one.


Our first year of trying to catch one we scoured the internet, read books, asked professionals and picked everyone’s brain we could.  After 3 full days of casting out on the water, we went home empty handed.


The second year, we did the same thing, thinking that the previous year’s experience would help us.  If nothing else, we figured we’d paid our dues and would at least luck into a few.




Over these first two seasons, we saw countless pictures on the internet, social media and magazines.  Obviously, it was possible.


Then we realized that the vast majority of people catching fish were on boats with professional guides.  But those guides are about $250/day.


We’re a smart enough group of guys who don’t shy away from hard or uncomfortable work.  We should be able to figure this out on our own without having to pay that kind of money.


Then we came to our senses and realized how many hours, how many dollars and how much mental energy had been spent to try and figure it out on our own.  It was a depressing set of numbers.

We realized we’d end up saving money, saving energy and being confident knowing that we were on the right path.  We’d be able to ask all the questions we could think of and learn the ins and outs so if we did decide to go back out on our own, we’d be well prepared to do so.


Sure enough, within a few hours of hiring a professional to help, I was shaking fins with a wild creature that had evolved to evade every single kind of predator, humans included.


We were elated.  We even caught a handful more.  What’s more is that we learned a ton and realized what we had done wrong in the past and what we needed to do in the future.  That experience was worth every dime (and more) that we paid.


So what’s the point?


I watch people do this all the time with fitness and nutrition.  


They scour the internet, read magazines, take advice from friends on social media, and try all the latest fads in order to get what they seek.  Yet, it often goes poorly and they end up starting that cycle all over again. In the end, all they’re doing is teaching themselves how to fail.  


Instead, by hiring a coach, they’d ensure support, guidance and success.  


Take our upcoming nutrition challenge for example.  





Summer has concluded and most of us are trying to get back on a routine and are looking to shed those pounds that crept up over the season of barbecues and social events.


Rather than trying that “Keto” thing, or experimenting with not eating every 3rd day of the week, or whatever other headline grabs your attention at the supermarket, it’s going to be a better, more cost and energy effective use of your time to hire a team of professionals to help you achieve what you seek.  


In fact, we guarantee success if you stick with the program.  We will provide you with an individualized calorie and macro plan tailored to your metabolic rate.  Then, as you progress through the program, we adjust that plan to help you continue success. We’ll start you off with a baseline body composition test, then retest every 2 weeks to ensure the program is working and that you’re on the right path.  We’ll have group meetings every 2 weeks with presentations on topics relevant to the challenge and time set aside for group discussion and support. You get 2 1 on 1 meetings with our highly talented and experienced coaches so you can get specific attention to your goals.  Through all of these lines of support, you’ll know that at the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll be where you’ll want to be, you’ll have learned a ton, and you’ll be ready to continue your success on your own and into the future.


Sound like a good plan?  We’ve only got 5 spots left and we get started September 11th.  You can register right here.


8 Weeks: September 11 – November 6

Bi-Monthly meetings Tuesday evenings 6:30-7: 30 pm. Corresponding with weight check-ins. First 30 minutes is lecture-based, the second half is accountability and questions. In person and via Facebook Live. 

  • Custom Calorie and Macro Template based on your daily needs.  Modified every two weeks based on how you’re progressing
  • 2 One-on-One coaching meetings
  • Bi-Monthly Inbody Scans
  • Challenge Book (includes meal ideas, shopping list, meal prep guide)
  • Bi-Monthly Group Meetings and Seminars
  • Private Facebook Group