The Shortcut to Success

I’m incredibly fortunate to know a lot of really successful people.  

One thing I’ve noticed about every single one of them is that they all have at least one coach or mentor.  Most have multiple.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that most of them tried it the hard way first. 

They all thought they were smart enough, disciplined enough or had passion enough to do it on their own.  

So they tried it.  

They beat their heads against the wall, hoping all their intrinsic qualities would help them smash through eventually.  

Then, one day, they realized, “wait a minute!  Someone else has already done this or something like this.  Maybe I should just ask them how.”

So they did, and that became their initial ticket to success.  

Someone else got to share their experience, their mistakes, their best practices and show them the path.  

That was me.  

I did that in the gym.  I would wander around for hours, lost and confused.  Couple sets here, some reps there.  I never saw much progress and I always felt frustrated.  

Then I found a guy who knew exactly what to do.  I built up the courage to ask him for help and that was that.  We worked out together for years.  Eventually, I knew a lot and could fly on my own.  Then I started helping other people.

I did the same with business.  I started our gym and figured I had a lot of exercise knowledge and a fancy spreadsheet with a “business plan”.  After working myself to death and making zero income, I found Two-Brain Business, paid a mentor to show me the way and within a few short weeks had it turned around and headed the right way.  

Now I get to help others do the same.  Other business owners get to pay me a fraction of what I lost through my mistakes and learn them immediately instead of through a slow, painful torture.

At this point, I don’t even bother screwing around with figuring it out on my own.  Any time I have an idea I want to pursue, I look for someone I know who has done it before and I immediately call them.  

I’ve saved myself countless years, hours and dollars by doing so. 

Most of the time, I’ve had to pay for such coaching and mentorship.  But, my goodness, I ended up saving so much money in the long run.  

I can’t possibly recommend doing this more.  

I know it can be hard to stomach the price tag sometimes, but I promise you that if you find the right coach, the investment will pay off infinitely.