Member Profile: Jenn Stark


What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

Between raising 4 beautiful children, continuing my education and working I was looking to take on another goal! I wanted to get in better shape! I wanted something more in my workouts that would physically push me harder.  So, I started to do some research and came across Sandpoint CrossFit. I called and booked my no sweat consult.

What was your first impression? Has that changed?

I had walked into the gym and was a little(okay…maybe a lot) intimidated, this was a different pace from the elliptical and any 5k run. Aside from the slight intimidation, I was excited. I started my foundations and survived!! Soon after, I found my spot in the 5:30pm class 2-3 days a week. What’s changed? I love going to the gym, I no longer see the workouts as intimidating. I see them as the next goal that I set for myself. I now go 5-6 days per week and have taken a lot of that discipline and applied it not only in the gym but in everyday life, it’s a lifestyle now.

What was my first success?

This is a hard one to pinpoint…. there have been many successes. Being able to do a pull up, moving up weights using a taller box for box jumps…. everyday seems to bring a new success! Many Thanks to Coaches Kenny, Tennille , Amanda and Bill for the encouragement, tips and just being awesome people!!!

What am I working on now?

Double unders….So, if you see me pogo jumping and swinging whiffle balls around the gym(you really should watch Nick Bandy jump with the whiffle balls) don’t mind me I’m just working on double unders. I’m also working on my CF-L1 certification, so HUGE Thank you for the time the coaches have given me to shadow them and all of my fellow CF familia that has supported me through this!

What is my favorite CrossFit memory?

So many…I have met incredible people here and have built great friendships! I love the atmosphere and how everyone is so supportive and how we encourage each other to hit that next benchmark( Susie Bandy for setting the weight in our workouts and your adventurous stories when Nick’s outta town)! I’m so happy that almost a year ago, I made the decision to join this community!