CFSP Member Profile: Katie Heim


What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

Since moving to Sandpoint in 2014 my husband and I tried various gyms and couldn’t find the right place for us.  We had always worked out and found that we were not happy with our bodies without the strength training. Our friend, Chad Foust kept talking about CrossFit and how great it was.  He said that we should give it a try. We eventually took his suggestion and immediately knew that we had finally found “our people”!

What was your first impression? Has that changed?

I ended the Foundations series early and my first workout just happened to be for the Open. So, my first impression was “holy crap what did I get myself into?!?!?”  I quickly realized that everyone here is supportive and encouraging. The WOD’s sometimes look intimidating but I have learned that there will always be someone pushing me and cheering me on.  I feel like the class is a team with a common goal and by encouraging each other we always succeed.

What was your first success?

There have been so many already.  I can finally grip the bar and hang for a minute.  I ran a mile in 8:41 which was a personal best! I just completed my first Murph without passing out.  But of all the successes so far I have to say that I am most proud of not quitting. We had a WOD that included a few of my favorites (she says sarcastically); burpees, box jumps and bear crawl.  We had to complete a certain amount of rounds. It was a VERY difficult workout for me and towards the beginning of my CrossFit career. I was the last one to finish and the 8am class was already starting their warm up by the time I was done.  Although I felt like I was slowly dying and my arms were ready to fall off, I completed every last burpee, box jump and crawl around the rig.

What are you working on now?

Now that I am comfortable with the WOD’s I am really trying to increase my weights.  Sometimes I use a heavier weight than I thought I could do thanks to Tennille switching them out when I am not looking!  This is another reason why I love CrossFit. The coaches really pay attention and know when to push you. I am also trying to get over my fear of handstands and box jumps.  I am confident that with more practice I will be able to do better with both.

What’s your favorite CrossFit Sandpoint memory?

I have a lot of great memories already.  I love the 7am class. We have so many great mantras; “Come on Glen!”  “Vicky, how many sets are we doing?” I guess my favorite memory would have to be the Murph.  The entire CrossFit community came out to show our respect and to push ourselves and each other to accomplish this difficult task.  I believe that it truly represents what CrossFit is all about. We are a team. We are there for each other. Together we can do the impossible.