CrossFit Sandpoint Member Profile:Travis Icardo

Why did you start at CrossFit Sandpoint?

 I had gotten to a point in my life where my overall fitness became a higher priority on my priority list.  I had done 2 or 3 cycles of P90X and got bored with that.  Then I started swinging kettlebells with a couple of friends in their garage 3 days a week for about a year.  Essentially we were doing CrossFit with kettlebells, but at time I didn’t realize that.  These friends ended up moving out of town and I had no interest in driving out to the Selle Valley 3 day per week to workout.  It just didn’t fit my schedule.  That was December of 2012.  I caught wind that Britian, Duffy, and some pasty white dude named Kenny from So Cal were doing this CrossFit thing (which I knew nothing about) in a run down warehouse here in town so I reached out to Duff and Britian.  They told me that it was really hard, competitive, and the workouts not only covered all aspects of fitness but also that you would seldom ever do the same workout twice.  Sign me up.  I showed up for a couple of workouts, got my ass handed to me and the rest is history.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

What was your first impression?

My first impression was “bring it on!”  I was sore as hell, daily for probably the better part of a month or so.  I was working out with these dudes that were stronger than me in nearly every aspect, way faster than me, and that had much more stamina than I did.  At the time, I had no doubts that I was a bad ass and the fact that these guys were pummeling me in not only every workout, but nearly all of the strength portions as well motivated the shit out of me.  If they could do it, not only could I do it, but I could do it stronger and faster than they could.  I just had to get to work…  and stay working because they sure as hell were putting in the work and they had one helluva jump start on me, plus most of them were 5 or ten years younger than I was.  I scoffed at the age thing back then – it didn’t matter.  I have since been educated (a bit) on that. 

What was your first success? 

My first success…  That’s a really hard question as I feel like there have been many and they happen quite often.  I remember early on – Like Dec or Jan of 12 or 13 we did this workout called “100’s.”  It was 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and I think 100 air squats.  I remember being shocked when I read it (what the hell does that say?,) but also thinking “bring it on.”  At the time, I may have been able to do 3 strict pull ups and had no clue as to how to kip.  (Regardless of how many Duffy clinics he continually gave me.)  The movements were supposed to be done all at once before you moved on to the next one.  Like all of the pull ups, then the push ups, etc.  I remember I was the only one who did not set a band next to me for the pull ups in anticipation of failure looming ahead.  I was also the one who made it to failure on the pull ups first.  It was really hard for me to walk over and grab a band, but I did.  Finished em up dead last, like by a while.  Then moved on.  I think I made up a little ground in the push ups, and then a bunch in the sit ups.  I think there was 3 of us that did the workout together that day and we all finished pretty close to each other.  The rollercoaster of emotions from having to use a band to making up ground through the other movements was pretty cool.  At the end of the workout I remember thinking “Holy Shit!  We just did all of that!”  That was pretty cool. 
First muscle up was super rad.  I remember Kenny and Val (I think Adam was there too) screaming at the top of their lungs and Kenny running over, picking me up and bear hugging me.)  We were all in udder shock.

When Bill pushed me to get my first sub 7 minute mile, that was awesome too.  I had always and still do hate running.  It is clearly for folks who will not stand and fight.  (At least telling myself that makes me feel less bad about the fact that I pretty much suck at it.)

What are you working on now?

I am working on a few things right now.  Probably the biggest thing for me (which I have been working on for about the last year) is swallowing my pride.  That age thing I mentioned earlier.  At first I had to do everything I could to keep up with the beasts at the gym.  It didn’t matter that I wasn’t nearly strong enough or fast enough, I was going to do whatever it took to do my best to keep up.  A few minor injuries and 3 years later I am realizing that I am not 20 years old anymore and that attempting to keep up with the leader does more harm in most cases for me than good.  So I am there for me and me only.  I try to force myself to do the weight that I should be doing as opposed to whatever has that f ing “RX” written after it.  I am there to keep myself as healthy as possible so that I can keep up with my 19, 18, and 4 year old Sons and hopefully still make my super awesome (and very patient) wife all tingly when she thinks about me.

What is your favorite CrossFit Sandpoint Memory? 

My favorite CrossFit Sandpoint memory… boy…  There are tons of them and I am not sure that I could really pin one down.  I think I am taking this one a different route.  What really stands out to me about CrossFit Sandpoint is that it is day in and day out what I look forward to every, single day that I plan on going.  It doesn’t matter how shitty my day at the office is, or what happened at home before I went to work.  It is what I truly  look forward to each and every time that I get to go.  It’s the entire deal.  The fact that I get to go sweat my ass off, and suffer with a bunch of rad, like minded psychos – who all get it.  It’s my safe place.  No one can get me on the phone there.  No one can complain about work shit.  It is a completely stress free hour or so of my day.  It is hands down the most welcoming, supporting and accepting community that I have ever gotten to be a part of.  I love it for all of that.  That is the place that CrossFit Sandpoint occupies in my memory.