CrossFit Sandpoint Member Profiles: Whitney Pappas

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

My son got invited to try the CrossFit Kids class last year with a friend. At the time, I didn’t even know what CrossFit was. After seeing the gym, I started to look up what CrossFit was, follow CrossFit Sandpoint on Facebook, etc. I was in a major rut in my fitness life, bored to tears with the previous workouts I had been doing and hadn’t really worked out in over a year. I joined another gym in town and only managed to go one time. I just didn’t really know what to do when I was there, so I jumped on the treadmill and left feeling a bit discouraged because I just didn’t know where to start. CrossFit really intrigued me because of the constantly changing workouts and the fact that it was all programmed for me already, all I had to do was show up. So, when a friend tagged me on a post about the next Foundations class, I decided to give it a try.

What was your first impression? Has that changed?

I was terribly nervous for my first Foundations class, it all looked so intimidating at first. We did 20 push-ups as part of the first day’s WOD, and I left hardly able to lift my arm to put my keys in the ignition. 🙂 I was so sore the next day I was convinced I had injured myself…Bill assured me I was just REALLLLLY sore! I pushed through and kept coming, and the soreness was less each time. After Foundations ended, it felt like a big jump for me to go into the regular 5:30 class, but everyone was really friendly and made me feel right at home. I’ve never been an athletic person, so its been more of a mental battle for me to go from a “I can’t do that” mindset to a “I can” attitude, but I’m getting better day by day. CrossFit looks so intimidating from the outside, but once you get in there, it really feels like a big family where everyone is just cheering you on to be your best.

What was your first success?

I consider the fact that I’m still here 4 1/2 months in and looking for ways to fit in MORE days that I can come a success in and of itself. I’m not sure what came first, but my first successes include doing box jumps on a 20″ box, getting my first string of 3-4 double unders in a row, and more than doubling the weight I’m able to strict press in the first 3 months. Just being able to complete some of the WODs at Rx now feels fantastic.

What are you working on now?

Definitely working on improving my double unders, HSPUs, and increasing my upper body strength. I would LOVE to be able to do an unassisted pull-up by the end of this year.

What’s your favorite CrossFit Sandpoint memory?

Not sure I’ve been around long enough to have a favorite memory, but the friendly faces, high fives and fist bumps after a workout, and Bill’s ninja screams make CrossFit a fun place to be and often the highlight of my day. So thanks for being awesome, CF Sandpoint!