The Gift of Fitness (Part 1)

As of this posting, we’re in the final countdown to Christmas.  Hopefully, by now, we’ve got most of our shopping done (but seriously, with Amazon Prime, we’ve really got a whole week for our final orders, so no hurry!

One of the things we like to do in our family is give the gift of experiences for Christmas.  While oftentimes we are presenting others with objects or things, eventually those get used up or forgotten.  Of course we still do those things as well, but we also like to think that by giving an experience, you allow that person to do something they may not forget quite so soon.  Things like tickets to shows, plane tickets, lessons, trips, overnight stays have been neat to see utilized in a non-traditional way.

For the fitness person in your life, there’s plenty of gear to get them excited about smashing that next workout.  Things like apparel, wraps, belts, shoes, jump ropes and other accessories are certainly great ideas (more on those things in Part 2 tomorrow).  But what about an experience in Fitness?

Here at CrossFit Sandpoint, we have ways to enhance or specialize in a more individual way that can dramatically benefit the recipient.  And if you’re reading from afar, your local gym likely offers similar.

We have 30 minute and 60 minute Skills Sessions, available for $35 and $60 respectively.  These sessions are a great way to get specific, 1 on 1 attention to your skills here.  The nature of group classes are that every member gets roughly 2-3 minutes of devoted attention each class during skill based work (roughly 10 people/class, roughly 15-20 min for strength/skill work per day).  


Imagine what progress and work can be done with 10-20 times that amount of attention and care during a session.  It allows coaches the opportunity to use video, work through specific drills and assign homework to be done in the future either before, during or after class.  The progress I’ve seen in these sessions has been dramatic.  Even more, doing one per month has put athletes leaps and bounds ahead of where they might have been without them.

If you’re interested in purchasing something like this for the CrossFitter in your life, putting it on your Christmas list, or even introducing a new person to CrossFit (new memberships include 5 half hour sessions in their first month here), you can do so here, or contact us here for more info.

Or, if you’re more of a gear type of gift giver, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post with my take on your options there.