Pull-uptober and Ski Season Prep!

Pull-uptober and Ski Season Prep!

For the next two months, we’re going to have some specific goals to work towards in addition to our normal general fitness development.  With ski season right around the corner (maybe as soon as tomorrow as it looks like with this weather), and with this time of year being somewhat challenging for most to stay focused, we’re going to give you some extra motivation on a couple of things  


For one, pull-ups!  At our coaches meeting the other night, we were discussing what the most common thing that people are looking to improve or achieve.  The unanimous conclusion was pull-ups.  I’ve lost track of the amount of people who sit across from me when they start and admit, “what I’d really love to do someday is a pull-up”.  

So let’s tackle this together.  

Our programming always contains pull-up, chin-up and rowing work, but for the next 8 weeks, it’s going to be very specific and intentional on improving your ability to perform a single pull-up with the greatest amount of weight possible.  

So, how is this going to look?

Well, starting next week, we’re going to designate Monday for testing of 1RM pull-ups.  If you are currently able to do a strict pull-up, you’re going to start to add load to your body via kettlebells attached to a belt.  If you are currently unable to do a pull-up, you are going to find the lightest combination of bands that you need for an assisted pull-up.  

You’re going to write down your weights or combination of bands.  The bands are going to be numbered within their colors so you can keep track of which ones you actually use.  Older bands don’t assist the same as newer bands.  

Then, you just need to keep coming to the gym.  Our weekly programming will continue to be very similar, but we’re going to have some very specific pull-up work for you to do on the days that we have pull-ups programmed.  If you happen to miss a day, you can easily make up that pull-up work from the previous day in the class you attend.

If you’re a pull-up pro or working on kipping, don’t worry, you’ll still have time to work on the more dynamic stuff in your workouts.  Additionally, not to give any secrets away, but starting in January, and as we lead up into the Open, we’ll start another 6-8 week cycle where Performance and Sport will be working on kipping.


In addition to pull-up work, I know that many of us will be skiing this year.  In preparation for that, we’re going to devote a lot more effort to single leg work.  This may be a little less specific than our pull-up work, but you’ll definitely notice more lunges, step ups and split squats in your weekly routines.  If you’re not a skiier, no problem!  I’d hazard a guess that you, like most, could benefit from some extra single leg work.

Questions, comments?  Let me know!

(Oh yeah, and it’s Pull-uptober because we came up with it in October, and we haven’t come up with anything better).