CrossFit Sandpoint Member Profile: Vicky Graham


What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
My husband and his cousin worked with a few hardcore cross fitters who were in great shape. Apparently, they talked about CrossFit a lot on the job because my husband would always tell me about CrossFit and the workouts. After hearing so much about it, I had to go and try it for myself.
What was your first impression? Has that changed?
I was completely overwhelmed and felt like I was in over my head.  I loved the idea of CrossFit but I was so bad at it.  I wasn’t going to throw the towel in though.  Feeling determined, I stuck with it.  I have been Crossfitting religiously for 3 years. I am addicted.
What was your first success?
Box Jumps! My first 20 inch box jump was like winning the lottery. After having my baby, I completely lost my box jump and had to learn it all over again.
What are you working on now?
Double unders. On a good day, I can get 4 in a row.
What’s your favorite CrossFit Sandpoint memory?
Experiencing the Open for the first time at CrossFit Sandpoint. The gym just has a different vibe for those 4 weeks…it’s awesome.